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I have a question about this fiddle:


I have an input of type array that can contain any color eg. '{"Black", "Pink", "ETC"}'.
I can return a record where a specific color is in the array but I'd rather not loop through the input colors to return all rows one by one.

I would like to return all rows where a color in the input array of any length is inside data (text[]) column. Is this possible?


Input: '{"Black", "Pink", "ETC"}'
Output: return row with id = 2

Input: '{"Brown", "Pink", "ETC"}'
Output: returns no rows

Input: '{"Black", "Red", "White"}'
Output: return rows with id = 1 and 2

Top Answer
Sounds like you are looking for the overlaps operator ("have elements in common"):

select *
from test_table
where data && array['Black', 'Red', 'White']

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