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I have a question about this fiddle:


Is it possible to update the value of a specific attributes element by name. For example, for "id"=1 the element with "name"="Case" change the value to "Glass". So it ends up like

{"attributes": [{"name": "Color", "type": "STRING", "value": "Silver"}, {"name": "Case", "type": "STRING", "value": "Glass"}], "ProductName": "XYZ", "ProductType": "ABC"}
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As a forewarning: if you find yourself needing to do this, it means the data probably wants to be normalised. Answered more fully in...

@@@answer 1855

Fortunately though, the process of transforming this data into the "proper structure" follows many of the same steps as just updating it "in-place". TL;DR:


Note that this does not preserve the original ordinal positioning of the array elements within the `"attributes"` node (although this could likely be done with a bit more verbosity and the use of `row_number()` in the original unwrapping. 

Please see linked [answer 1855](databases?q=1618#a1855) for a fuller explanation of the constituent fiddle sections. 

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