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Trying to create a function that returns a table. I want to pass the table's name as parameter.

This is what I tried:

    create or alter function cust (@T NVARCHAR(250) )
     returns table 
    return (select * from @T)

But getting an error.

What can be done?
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> What can be done?

Nothing. Table names can't be parameters unless you use dynamic SQL, 
and dynamic SQL can't be used inside of a function.

You could use a stored procedure:

    CREATE OR ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.SelectWhatever (@SchemaName sysname, @TableName sysname)
    DECLARE @SafeSchema sysname = N'',
            @SafeTable sysname = N'',
            @SQL NVARCHAR(MAX) = N'';
    SELECT @SafeSchema = SCHEMA_NAME(t.schema_id),
           @SafeTable  = t.name
    FROM sys.tables AS t
    WHERE t.schema_id = SCHEMA_ID(ISNULL(@SchemaName, 'dbo'))
    AND   t.name = ISNULL(@TableName, 'SomeKnownTable');
    Maybe do some NULL checks of @SafeSchema and @SafeTable here
    SET @SQL += N'
    SELECT TOP (100) *
    FROM ' + QUOTENAME(@SafeSchema) 
           + N'.'
           + QUOTENAME(@SafeTable)
           + N';';
    RAISERROR('%s', 0, 1, @SQL) WITH NOWAIT;
    EXEC sys.sp_executesql @SQL;

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