Josh Darnell
It would be nice if fiddles showed the *offset* portion of a `datetimeoffset` column when displaying resultsets, similar to how SSMS displays them.  Additionally, I'd like to see the defined precision reflected in the output.

Compare this example fiddle and output:


Which at the time of this request shows `2020-11-03 13:50:00.0000000` for both columns.

![Screenshot 2020-11-05 at 08.34.11.png](/image?hash=8a8015e06089b8ff18b847bdbd26b5f294016c9d844c5c3f02ae880b9a3fd1ea)

To what is displayed in SSMS:



- the fiddle shows fractional seconds out to 7 places for both columns, while SSMS shows 0 and 7 fractional seconds based on the data type of the column
- the fiddle does not show the time zone offset ("-04:00") on either column, while SSMS shows it on both
Top Answer
Jack Douglas
I think this was requested before and I wasn't able to figure it out at the time. I finally figured out that we need to call [`GetSchemaTable`](, and that the precision is stored in the `NumericScale` field, despite the misleading text in the docs:

> If `ProviderType` is a numeric data type, this is the maximum precision of the column. The precision depends on the definition of the column. If `ProviderType` is not a numeric data type, this is 255.

The offset is now visible for `datetimeoffset` columns, and the correct number of fractional second precision digits displays for `datetimeoffset`, `datetime2` and `time` columns:


The fix is in for all currently supported versions of SQL Server.

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