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# `feature-request` inline highlights

When sharing fiddle, often there is a small section of a larger batch or result set you'd like to bring special attention to. 

In addition to the exemplary `&hide=` functionality, we should have an `&show=` parameter that provides highlighting when the page is rendered. Please consider the following by way of a mock-up



When using the above fiddle on TopAnswers, I would like to display the 3rd and 4th batches only. I would like to highlight use of the `iif()` function, `into` syntax, and the resulting rows in `bar` where we've found an odd number.

I might use a link of the following form: 


...containing the supplemental arguments parts...

- `&hide=3`
- `&show=4q,2-6,9`
- `&show=8r,2,4`

...which might show me...



By way of explanation of the mock-up - 

- `&hide=` functions as expected - masking the first two batches
- multiple `&show=` args are permitted
- `&show=` requires a comma-separated series of the form `[1-9(q|r)],[1-9\-],[1-9\-],...`
- the first element of `&show=` is a two-part identifier anchoring the batch using the same bitmask integer one would use for `&hide=`, `q` is used to denote the query portion of the batch, `r` denotes the result-set portion. 
- the elements after the first use the same line-anchor syntax you might use in GitHub (for example). e.g. "2-6" denotes the range of line 2 through line 6. Each comma-separated element is a new highlighted range

In our example...

- `&show=4q,2-6,9` indexes the 3rd batch (id 4) on the query side; and highlights lines 2 through 6 and then line 9
- `&show=8r,2,4` indexes the 4th batch (id 8) on the result-set side; and highlights line 2 and line 4 (counting the header row as line 1)

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