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hooinator (imported from SE)
The following site mentions the `sql_handle` is a MD5 hash of the entire batch text


However, I'm unable to calculate it manually. From `dm_exec_query_stats` we determine the following statement has the following `sql_handle`.

SQL: (@P1 bigint)SELECT NID MimeTypeID, Name FROM DDocumentClass WHERE Type = @P1
SQL_HANDLE: 0x02000000CA17931BEF7F24A1787BF580EA365A56408697B30000000000000000000000000000000000000000

The following Ruby script calculates the MD5.

require 'digest'

sql1 = 'SELECT NID MimeTypeID, Name FROM DDocumentClass WHERE Type = @P1'
sql2 = '(@P1 bigint)SELECT NID MimeTypeID, Name FROM DDocumentClass WHERE Type = @P1'

puts Digest::MD5.hexdigest sql1
puts Digest::MD5.hexdigest sql2



There must be more to the algorithm.

We can calculate Oracle's SQL_ID, I'm hoping to be able to also calculate SQL Server's SQL_HANDLE.
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Paul White (imported from SE)
The 44-byte `sql_handle` has the following components (in order):

1. **4 bytes:** Byte-reversed integer code for the target cache e.g.
   - `0x02000000` (2) for SQL Plans (`CACHESTORE_SQLCP`)
   - `0x03000000` (3) for Object Plans (`CACHESTORE_OBJCP`)
2. **4 bytes:** Byte-reversed integer *object id*
   - For adhoc and prepared SQL this is an [internal hash of the batch text](https://www.sql.kiwi/2020/10/sqlhandle-and-sql-server-batch-text-hash.html) as returned by `@@PROCID` or `objectid` in `sys.dm_exec_plan_attributes`.
3. **16 bytes:** MD5 hash of the batch text including (parameter definitions) prefix, if present.
4. **20 bytes** `0000000000000000000000000000000000000000`

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