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I want to connect [SQLeo](, a cross-platform visual query tool, to a Postgresql db living on a remote server. I can do this with [DBeaver]( (community edition), which has connection entries for both db and SSH (so can put my credentials for both server and db).[^1] But SQLeo only gives me a single screen (see screenshot, below) for new connection details.[^2] I managed to make SQLeo "connect" with db user details (at least, it tells me that it's connected!), but I get no data—and I'm quessing this might be because no **server** credentials have been used.
I have follwed [these instructions]( and get a connection, but no "data". That includes a screenshot of the setup screen:

![database-connection-screen]( "SQLeo's database connection dialog")
Digging around, my case sounds very (very) much like [this forum query from 2012-2015](, which includes this observation (which I also see):

> SQLeo says ... wait loading and in the same time I got a warning message saying: `java.lang.NullPointerException`.

This is what makes me think there might well be a roadblock because the server credentials aren't included. Whether there is some syntax that would allow both sets of credentials to be processed is, I suppose, my question. A typical connection string for SQLeo looks like:


### "[X-Y][x]" postscript

What I, as a db n00b (well, I used to use Access quite a lot a decade or more ago) want to achieve is to: 

- use a (free) "visual query tool" →
- with a postgresql database →
- living on a remote server →
- where the credentials for server and database differ.

SQLeo is the closest thing I have run across that meets these requirements ... with the obvious hiccup that I can't actually get any data to query! If there is an alternative to SQLeo for this scenario, I would be glad to know.

[^1]: DBeaver's "visual query tool" is only available with the enterprise edition, which is way beyond my budget (free!) or needs.
[^2]: As noted, DBeaver's [new connection dialogs]( provide for both "db" and "ssh" credentials to be added for the db connection.

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With some [pointers from the SQLeo developer][d], I managed to sort this. The more generic form of my problem is **using an SSH tunnel to connect securely to a remote database**. 

In fact, it was the [Postgresql help on SSH tunnels][p] that got me over the line on this. I came up with a command line (in terminal shell on Ubuntu) that looks like this:

    $ ssh -L 63333:localhost:5432 -p 22

where `serverid` is my login identity on the remote machine, `-p` prompts for password authentication, and `22` is the port I login to.

Then, in SQLeo, my connection profile looks like this:


and also includes my distinct database user credentials. 

Clearly this is a more generic problem than simply SQLeo and Postgresql (and also works with the [SQuirreL SQL client][s], in fact). In my web-searching, there are variations of this question for all sorts of platforms and databases. The solutions, though, are much of a muchness, and this was a relatively simple solution, once I found it. Other alternatives (for example, with ["Jsch"][j], or its [recent][r] [fork][f]) were beyond my ken, and a little more cumbersome. 


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