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The [docs on `pg_stat_activity`][1] tell us that `datname` is the...

> Name of the database this backend is connected to

I can currently see a number of records where `datname` is NULL. How have these mischievous workers connected to my database service without the virtue of a database context?


If I had superuser permissions, I might be able to see that these workers have a `backend_type` something like...

- autovacuum launcher
- logical replication launcher
- background writer
- checkpointer
- walwriter

![Screenshot 2020-07-30 at 15.22.00.png](/image?hash=f72def8e737c87c7249f07ebd51916e883e8dd30a17f8209a6c32ae1fa41b2a6)

From the [source code][2], I can hazard a guess that [`pgstat_fetch_stat_local_beentry`][3] is bailing trying to define the backend context for these workers. But the fact that I'm trying to read C code means I've probably failed at more elementary googling.

Halp me, TA; you're my only hope...


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