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I have two tables: `Objects` and `Properties`. Each object has some number of properties. This data is stored in a separate table `ObjectProperty`:


I want to collect full information about objects (`id`, `name`, and all its properties as well) by a given `value` of a property.



I was able to write a query that returns data but I'm puzzled with applying a filter separately to each "group" of rows that describes one object.

For example, for `Property1` expected output will be:

Id	Name	pId	Value
1	Object1	1	Property1
1	Object1	2	Property2
1	Object1	3	Property3
2	Object2	1	Property1
2	Object2	4	Property4
2	Object2	5	Property5
4	Object4	1	Property1
4	Object4	4	Property4
4	Object4	5	Property5

and for `Property6`

Id	Name	pId	Value
3	Object3	2	Property2
3	Object3	6	Property6

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Jack Douglas
This is a perfect example of where "Window Functions" are useful.

@@@ question 1141

You can "partition" the source rows by `Id` and use the window function variant of the `sum` function to test whether 'Property1' is present in any rows of the partition:


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