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Solomon Rutzky
I'm not sure if this only pertains to **db<>fiddle** issues (though even if not now, maybe it would in the future), but.....

Related to [a temporary issue I reported]( about some MySQL versions not working on **db<>fiddle**, 

the work-flow is currently to flag the issue to indicate that it's "done".

Ok, but perhaps a more elegant approach would be to accept that such posts are truly different in nature than most other Q&A. Then, "accepting" the "answer" will indicate "done" (and tags can be used to determine type of "doneness", e.g. "fixed", "won't fix", "by design", etc).

This could even be used for addressing technical issues with TopAnswers, as putting those in Meta still doesn't make them "questions" in the same way that feature requests (such as this post) can at least be viewed as being questions.

This would also make it easier to filter out such posts as merely noise when people are doing typical Q&A searches.

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