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Anonymous 1317
This is an UI design question about UWP...
I am coding a test app for UWP in C#, and one feature is to allow the user to select a list of configuration text files that will be used in a test.

I thought of a ListView displaying the names of the selected files, and a "Select Files" button next to it that opens a file selector to the Assets folder.
(Binding is tidily done to a ViewModel, this is not my question)

But this design doesn't give me an elegant way to remove files from the list.  It has been suggested that allowing the user to double-click on a list item to delete it would be a good idea, but this feels very hackish to me, and not particularly intuitive.

The files can come from several different directories.  In Assets, there is a folder for each customer plus a folder for default configurations.

Is there an elegant, modern, UWP UI style way to implement this feature?

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Joan Magnet
You could personalize the ListView content and add a small button (A trash for example) for this purpose. 

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