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Anonymous 1317
C++ static library, Visual Studio 2019 compiling for UWP...

I am getting the command line warning D9025, and want to turn it off (one setting is overriding another).

I've tried Project -> Properties -> C/C++ -> Advanced -> Disable Specific Warnings.
I added "9025" and "D9025" but both produced a compiler error "invalid parameter" for /wd.

I tried adding /wd "9025" in the command line Additional Options, with the same result.

#pragma warning(disable: D9025)
in the code had no effect.

I looked up D9025 in the Microsoft documentation [here](
It says that D9025 is generated by the build tools, but doesn't say how to suppress this warning.

Is there any way to suppress build tool warnings or is this something that just shouldn't be done?

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Anonymous 1317
It seems you can't suppress D-warnings by design, but I can't find this in the Microsoft documentation.  It is said by various people on the internet, for example

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