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TopAnswers makes a big deal out of catering to each community's unique needs. Which features and integrations would we like here?
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# ~~Language bar with input method(s)~~ DONE!
See [here]( — Source is [on GitHub](

We might not want to make the backtick keyboard on by default, as it does interfere with the entry of code in backticks, something that'll be frequent here, but maybe the bar can be visible and backtick keyboard can be enabled in one's preferences, or as a checkbox on the bar.

![Screenshot_2020-04-30 APL - TopAnswers.png](/image?hash=2188c56ab6238f560501a7f4c6fd0fe48f45823996f7c602b51bd60a601b5384)
Answer #2
# ~~Custom fonts~~ DONE!

The current locked-down DejaVu Sans and DejaVu Sans Mono work well, but some people are attached to the whimsical public domain *APL385 Unicode* font. Could we provide this (and maybe [others]( as options?
Answer #3
# Documentation integration

Would it be possible to onebox documentation links like

or maybe

to render like
![Screenshot_2020-04-29 Sandbox - Meta - TopAnswers(1).png](/image?hash=4f5f32b5bdb34e1f9e48bcf71a2a9e2e31b0e1ba138b7ecf699814e533337f2e)
Answer #4
# ~~TIO integration~~ DONE!
It'd be amazing to be able to type


in chat and have a special user respond with 

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Alternatively, it could be made into a fiddle so one would write


and be presented with a mini-TIO interface.
Answer #5
# APL Wiki integration

TopAnswers has Wikipedia integration. That's useful here too. But it'd be awesome to have the same integration of [APL Wiki]( articles.

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