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I believe that upgrading TIO to the latest Dyalog will be a problem in the future. Therefore it may be necessary to either roll our own TIO, or plug in to the newly created TryAPL service (not yet published, but nor is anything here).

This post is just a heads up really. For now nothing will change.

## Pros and Cons list:  
#### Leaving as is
- [+] already works
- [-] cannot be upgraded
#### Hosting a new TIO
- [+] can be upgraded
- [+] can execute arbitrary code (sandboxed)
- [-] expensive in time and money
#### Using TryAPL
- [+] can be upgraded
- [+] cheaper than a new TIO
- [-] code is whitelisted by the [safe executor](
- [-] more fiddly to increase functionality in future
Top Answer
Jack Douglas
Long-term, we want to host our own TIO or TIO-like service.

We would like to bring together elements of TIO and db<>fiddle into a single package, and probably want to use a container approach (Podman?) to improve sandboxing.

Whether this is feasable given the resources we have I don't currently know, but perhaps we could start with an analysis of how this would work with the latest Dyalog?

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