transcript for Cat program
2020-03-01 01:28:12  Adám
@Display Why did you flag your post?
2020-03-01 07:40:16  Jack Douglas
@liek when you flag please leave a comment in the post chat room (ie here) saying what the flag is for.
2020-03-03 03:22:32  liek
@Mathgeek Surprised that my language is already getting attention ... Do you have the interpreter already downloaded?
2020-03-03 15:23:06  Mathgeek
Your language? You mean W? [Is this your language?](
2020-03-03 16:15:11  Jack Douglas  replying to  liek
2020-03-04 09:00:15  liek  replying to  Jack Douglas
I initially thought that this disobeys rule 4 of the guideline (because it's a trivial challenge).
2020-03-04 09:00:44  liek  replying to  Mathgeek
Yes, that's exactly what I mean by my language.
2020-03-04 14:36:55  Mathgeek
As in, you wrote it? You were the person who designed W?  Neat.
2020-04-11 20:37:38  EsolangingFruit
@Mathgeek Can I add a language to this polyglot?
2020-05-01 07:41:02  Mathgeek
go for it