transcript for TopAnswers Code of Conduct
2019-11-06 11:19:21  Paul White
I approve this message.
2019-11-28 11:41:40  Caleb
Wow, brutalist.
2019-11-28 11:45:27  Caleb
Might I recommend at about 25k words of *lorem ipsum*? Straight up adding clauses to TOCs later is always rough — even if said changes are well thought out and thoroughly justified. It would be a lot easier to have some space filler here that can be edited to remove at least as much as you need to add.
2019-11-28 14:13:21  Jack Douglas  replying to  Caleb
this is intended to be the only global CoC. I'd prefer for more detail to be applied at the community level if necessary
2019-12-04 19:37:06  Skillmon
@Jack I'd like to add "Be patient."
2019-12-05 11:40:45  Jack Douglas  replying to  Skillmon
It's easier to abuse though — what is 'patience' with extremely poor questions for example? 'Tough love' comes under 'Be nice' more naturally.
2020-02-06 20:04:04  Anonymous 864