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I am preparing a book and need to apply page settings by using a printed book as reference. The measurements of each the page (from the printed book) are as below:

> Height of page = 24.1 cm  
> Width of page = 15.1 cm  
> Header = 2.4 cm  
> Footer = 2.4 cm  
> Printable text height = 20 cm  
> Printable text width = ~12 cm  
> Left margin = 1.8 cm  
> Right margin = 1.8 cm

How can I translate these to the geometry package? The page layout in diagram in tells me that 
> page_height = 1 inch + \voffset (0) + topmargin + headheight + headsep + textheight+ footskip 

The publisher with whom I am working has no idea of LaTeX. He said that the printable area (probably textheight and textwidth in LaTeX terminology) should include page numbers, headers and footers.

My book has some text in the header but nothing in the footer. 

It seems overwhelming to assign values to each of the above LaTeX variables in order to get the desired page layout. I am using the geometry package with these settings and am looking for additional options to pass to it that will satisfy the publisher's requirement.

> \usepackage[textwidth=14cm,  textheight=22.5cm, headsep=4mm, hmarginratio=1:1]{geometry}

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