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Solomon Rutzky
I started typing a message and accidentally sent it before being done. I then clicked "edit" to finish it. It seems that I took too long because when I hit `Enter` the browser popped-up a modal window with a PostgreSQL error (complete with a function signature, probably best not to show that) saying:

> says  
> 403 Forbidden  
> ERROR: too late  
> CONTEXT: PL/pgSQL function _error(integer,text) line 1 at RAISE  
> SQL function "change" statement 4

(yes, it had `"` instead of `"`)

I copied the text to the clipboard figuring that I would cancel and then just paste into a new message, but I didn't see a button / link to "discard" or "cancel" the current message. So I reloaded the page, which seemed less than ideal, hence this post.

However, in typing this up it occurred to me that perhaps hitting the `esc` key would work. I just did a simple test and it appears to do the trick. That's nice and acceptable, but it isn't obvious at first glance so perhaps there can be a way to indicate that somewhere? Maybe the default text in the message box could be something along the lines of:

> type message here; <esc> to cancel [and discard] a message

(the part in `[...]` is optional)

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